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Vital booklet with a clearty from well-known Gambit courses

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L:xb2? c3 ! l:c2! C£Jg6 24 CiJd3! l:ecl �h7 26 b5 C£Je7 (26c) 27 'ii'h5+! �g8 28 'ii'g4! 'ii'xg4 29 hxg4 White wins the pawn on c6 and takes a clear plus into the endgame. 26a: after Black's 14th move 26b: after 20 'iff3 ! •. 26c: after 26... C£Je7 J OJ A TTACKING IDEAS IN CHESS 40 Idea 27 Rooks' Pawns can also be Used in a Positional Manner - 27a: after Black's 7th move 27b: after 5 ... d6 27c: after 8 .. g6 . The rook's pawn is an important tool in modern chess. We're not just talking about the basic h4-h5xg6 and mate on the h-file (although this can also be a powerful weapon in the right circumstances), but its more subtle usage in creating weaknesses in the enemy camp.

34a: after 19 ... �f7 ! - 1 01 A TTACKING IDEAS IN CHESS Idea 35 - 51 Minority Attack The term 'minority attack' in chess is most frequently used to describe an attack where the player with fewer pawns on the queen­ side advances them to try to create weak­ nesses in the enemy camp. The main reason that minority attacks are successful is that the attacker is more active in this sector of the board - it stands to reason tl:at if you have a pawn missing, there will also be a half-open file to operate on.

Xd7 ll:lxd7 26 'ii'xe6+ 'ii'f7 (or 26 .. h8+ White wins the queen, even in the case of 27 .. h7+. h8+! �xh8 26 'fih6+ �g8 27 'iig7#. xf8 27 'fie7. (2Jb) Gelfand-Speelman, Las Vegas FIDE KO Web 1 999. Jon Speelman chose the re­ cent FIDE World Championship to make one of the biggest howlers of his career. , taking advantage of a pin to create kingside threats. d8+! lb:d8 the pin was no longer there and White sim­ ply removed the queen. xe5 ll:lxe5 21 'ii'xe4 Jon might have resigned in a less important tournament.

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