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Qur’an: Yusuf:-12:47-9) Using the symbolism of fat and lean cows, and ears of corn which were full and bare, the dream prophesied that seven continuous years of drought would follow seven continuous years of harvest - something which experts in climatology may wish to reflect over before concluding on the nature of contemporary climatic changes. The correct interpretation of the dream permitted the Egyptian ruler to take appropriate action which averted a national and, even, regional disaster.

The Quraish were sufficiently diplomatically astute to recognize that these three major concessions on their part represented significant political successes for the Muslims, and so they presented additional conditions specifically designed as ‘face-saving’ measures for them, and as ‘humiliation’ for the Muslims. These were some of the additional conditions: a) the animals of qurbani which the Muslims had brought with them from Makkah would have to be sacrificed at Hudaibiyah; never before in the thousands of years that the Arabs had performed the pilgrimage had the animals of Qurbani ever been sacrificed except at the House of Allah; b) the Muslims would have to return that year to Madina from Hudaibiyah without visiting the House of Allah; their right to visit the Ka’aba would be recognized from the following year; c) if any Muslim were to escape from Makkah and make his way to Madina he must be returned to Makkah; if, on the other hand, any Makkan Muslim in Madina were to return to Makkah there would be no corresponding obligation to return him to Madina.

Bukhari) For Muslims who live in this age, when the Prophet sallalahu ‘alaihi wa sallam is no longer physically in our midst, the only medium through which we may satisfy the deepest longings in our heart for even a glimpse of his blessed face or person, is through the medium of a dream. And no one can possibly over-estimate the importance of such an experience in terms of the impact it makes in sealing a private compact with the Prophet sallalahu ‘alaihi wa sallam to love, to obey, to follow, to defend and to project his person, his mission, and the Truth on which it is founded.

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