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Over the last decade, vast learn has been performed near to coal as one of many world's prime strength assets. the present and destiny prestige of this source is a subject of substantial curiosity to the biggest international economies, together with the USA, Japan, China and Europe.

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Clearly, the dotted line does not fit the experimental data for Loy Yang brown coal dried at 50°C under vacuum (LY50H) or Loy Yang brown coal heated at 200 and 250°C for 2 hr in N2 (LY200H and LY250H). The discrepancy reflects the fact that the carboxyl groups have different acidity in brown coal due to the difference in their chemical environment in the coal molecules. Hayashi and co-workers [125] also pointed out the need to consider the distribution of acidity of carboxyl groups in Victorian brown coal.

6 nm corresponding to that of two water molecules. (3). Non-freezable water resides exclusively at the interface between the ice core and pore wall when the bound water is frozen. 6 nm (sht-like) [53]. , the shrinkage of pores. (2-l). Among the assumptions made in the pore model [53], the first and second ones were not experimentally verified, although they have been generally employed in the analysis of meso- and macro-porous ceramics sorbing water. Porous structures of solid materials sorbing water can be analysed by means of ^H-NMR employing a special pulse sequence, Carr-Purcell-Meiboom-Gill (CPMG) one [57,58].

Copyright 2001 American Chemical Society. V d„. 7 A model of slit-like pores of moistened Yalloum brown coal. All of the hydroxylic protons are mobile unless the drying is so extensive as to remove non-freezable water. All of the hydroxylic groups are solvated by pore water at pore surface. Bound water is not distinguished from non-freezable water unless the bound water freezes. Reprinted with permission from Ref 60. Copyright 2001 American Chemical Society. respectively, and T2S denotes that for liquid molecules being closest to the pore surface with a distance A thus interacting with the surface.

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