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Virol. 62:4499–509 Marriott SJ, Boros I, Duvall JF, Brady JN. 1989. Indirect binding of human T-cell leukemia virus type I tax1 to a responsive element in the viral long terminal repeat. Mol. Cell Biol. 9:4152–60 Perini G, Wagner S, Green MR. 1995. Recognition of bZIP proteins by the human T-cell leukaemia virus transactivator Tax. Nature 376:602–5 Baranger AM, Palmer CR, Hamm MK, Giebler HA, Brauweiler A, Nyborg JK, Schepartz A. 1995. Mechanism of DNAbinding enhancement by the human T-cell leukaemia virus transactivator Tax.

Cancer 60:554–61 Tatewaki M, Yamaguchi K, Matsuoka M, Ishii T, Miyasaka M, Mori S, Takatsuki K, Watanabe T. 1995. Constitutive overexpression of the L-selectin gene in fresh leukemic cells of adult T-cell leukemia that can be transactivated by HTLV-I Tax. Blood 86:3109–17 Paterson DJ, Jefferies WA, Green JR, Brandon MR, Corthesy P, Puklavec M, Williams AF. 1987. Antigens of activated rat T lymphocytes including a molecule of 50,000 Mr detected only on CD4 positive T blasts. Mol. Immunol. 24:1281–90 Mallett S, Fossum S, Barclay AN.

For personal use only. A HISTORY OF H-Y 43 in vitro with antigen (17). This approach was used to generate H-Y-specific CTL from female C57BL/10 mice (an H-2b , H-Y responder strain) immunized by intraperitoneal injection of syngeneic male spleen cells or by skin grafting. Primary mixed lymphocyte culture (MLC) using splenic T cells from unimmunized female mice failed to generate H-Y-specific CTL, but CTL that killed concanavalin A splenic blasts from C57BL/10 male but not female mice were obtained from secondary MLC using spleen cells from immunized females.

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