New PDF release: Aphrodite's Daughters: Women's Sexual Stories and the

By Jalaja Bonheim

ISBN-10: 0684830809

ISBN-13: 9780684830803

Incorporating a wide array of women's voices and relationships, including old goddess archetypes, this distinct quantity takes an intimate examine the transformative energy of women's sexual experiences. unique. 25, 000 first printing".

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What endures after everything is stripped away? What is that formless, nameless essence that remains untouched through life and death? Only those who have died into the embrace of the dark Mother know. Twin sister of the golden goddess, she is an equally great teacher and initiator. Infticter of wounds, she is also the trainer of healers, and those who survive her harsh initiations become healers of others. This dark Aphrodite is the great mistress of nonduality, for in the depths of her dark body, all differences are erased.

By her blessing, artists become creators, and through her touch, souls become intoxicated with the sweet wine of mystical love. She is present in the rush of a new friendship or in the transformative encounter with another person, an animal, or a landscape. Our sigh of pleasure at the scent of a rose, our surge of enthusiasm over a fresh insight, the way our heart leaps with excitement at the sight of wild geese flying across the pale blue evening sky—all these are tributes to the golden goddess.

Like a puppy dog, I am circling a group of women, skipping and hopping around them as they walk across the compound. Until we come to the god’s temple. Then, suddenly, I feel shy and apprehensive. I press against one of the women, trying to draw strength and reassurance from her body. As we step into the temple, all the bright outdoor noises fall off into a deep well of silence, broken only by the sound of water trickling down the walls. We are in a very dark cave inside a mountain, with rough, dark, unhewn walls.

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