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By Yuri Averbakh

ISBN-10: 1857445481

ISBN-13: 9781857445480

Russian grandmaster, Yuri Averbakh has selec ted the main fascinating and instructive video games from his weal th of expertise. gamers are bound to be insipred by means of t hese vintage video games and designated annotations. '

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Xh5 ! c6 55 h5 and wins. i. e2 If 50 ... e8+ �c5 53 h5 �d6 54 �f6 . e8! 34 Averbakh 's Selected Games It was not yet too late to go wrong. After 5 I �xh5? e8 53 �fS �d6 54 �g6 �e7 Black would have saved the game. 51 continuation is 7 �e3 . At that time I did not yet have a reliable antidote to the King's Indian Defence, and I tried the most varied plans. �b6 Regrettable though it is, the black king has to move even further away from the hpawn. g4 �fS � g6 �e8 �c7 �d8 7 8 �b8 �e2 8 �d3 , taking control of e4, is more active.

18 f5! dxe5 Misfortunes never come singly! In such situations you have to be able to choose the least of the various evils, and here Black should have played 1 8 . . d5, stabilising the situation in the centre of the board. By allowing White to active his pieces, my opponent creates the conditions for an unexpected and spectacular tactical blow. The opponents have played the opening in accordance with what was then the latest word in theory. But here Black usually plays 1 4 . c6. 14 19 20 21 �xe5 fxe6 :'xf'8 22 :'d7 !

A7 By invading the opponent's position, White exploits the lack of coordination of his pieces. 27 28 d4 c4 g3 Jld2 5 6 7 Jlg2 lDf3 0-0 8 "c2 d5 lDbd7 0-0 Jlc8 �g8 After 28 . . lDxf4 29 "xf4 �g8 30 Jlf3 ! "b8 the rook has no good retreat square. 29 30 Jlf3 Jld6 l::tc 4 lDxc2 This accelerates Black' s inevitable defeat. The pawn, which for many moves has been en prise, is also immune now. 31 32 JlxfS "b3 lDxfS lDe3 Here 8 lDc3 would have lost a pawn. 8 9 c6 a4 Yevgeny Zagoryansky, an expert on this opening, recommended 9 :d 1 here, followed by 1 0 Jle 1 and 1 1 lDbd2.

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